Santorini: Best things to do and must see attractions for an unforgettable stay
Oia Village

Santorini is without any doubt a unique place around the world. Beyond its enormous geological and historical interest, it’s mostly known for its stunning beauty, resulted by a series of physical phenomena throughout the decades. Figuring at the top of thousands of wishing lists, travel magazines, websites and reviews, Santorini can promise you the “mystery” and the “dream”.

Millions of visitors from all over the word would visit Santorini for all those reasons. Cruise around the Caldera, explore the volcanic beaches, get married with a view to the volcano, whatever this reason is, there are some places in Santorini that you must see, once you arrive at the island. Here’s our proposal!
First stop, the Monastery of Profitis Ilias. The highest point of the island with a panoramic view. This place will offer you the opportunity to get some beautiful pictures, but also will give you a good idea of the topography of the place. You can combine it with a short visit at the pittoresque Pyrgos village, the first capital of the island. Get a nice table under the plane tree at the main square and order a traditional greek coffee. This would be the perfect moment for you to decide your next movements.

Pyrgos Village

Second stop, the famous Red Beach. This is may be the only red beach around the world, so you should definitely go there! Before you get at the beach, visit the Akrotiri Excavations, one of the most important prehistoric settlements of the Aegean. Spend one little hour to learn some history of the place. You will really be amazed by the way our ancestors used to plan and organize their lives on this land, since the 4th millennium BC!

Red Beach

After a long day under the sun, you can refresh yourself with a glass of local wine at “the Good Heart”, a traditional local tavern in Akrotiri. The dishes are the one better than the other and the prices are affordable. You can also watch the sunset if you pick a table at the right side. Finally, before you leave, don’t forget to buy some local wine or delicacies from their little store that is right in front of the tavern. One last insight: choose “caper sauce” (or “caper giaxni”) for a starter and bon appetit!

Last stop, Oia (or Ia) village. This is the most iconic spot of the island. Everyday, tens of visitors are gathered in Oia castle to admire the so called Oia sunset and they’re definitely right! This unique atmosphere created by nature, but also by the crowd itself, would surely pay you off!

View to Oia

After the sunset, you can take the steps down at the Ammoudi Bay and have a delicious dinner at the “Ammoudi Fish Tavern”. Apostolis, the restaurant owner, will be there to welcome you and offer you the best fish tastes of the island. The “epitome” of an amazing, unforgettable night!

Ammoudi Bay

You can find here below the contact details of all the proposed places on this article. Stay tuned, for more insights are here to come.

Contact details and links:

  • Archeological site of Akrotiri, 84 700 Akrotiri
    Phone number: +302286081939
    Open from Wednesday to Monday 08:30 am to 15:30 pm (Tuesday closed)
  • The Good Heart, 84 700 Akrotiri
    Phone number: +306981314338 or +302286082247
    Fb official page:
  • Ammoudi Fish Tavern, 84 702 Ammoudi Bay
    Phone number: +302286072298
    Official website: